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Today the singer who reaches his audience through the warmth and love he feels for his songs and the people he sings to is rare indeed.

JIMMY SPENCER is that kind of singer.

          It’s Jimmy’s love of people that makes it possible for him to touch them as he does with his music.  He cares about the people who listen to him sing.  It shows in every song.  Jimmy likes to leave them feeling not frazzled, but soothed, peaceful and happy inside.




JIMMY SPENCER started his music career after an honorable discharge from the Navy when he formed his own band and entered into a long term contract with the owner of the Cotton Club for a period of two years.

 Harold Austin, leader of a traveling band, persuaded Jimmy to travel with his group, as the featured vocalist.  After a year with Harold Austin, Jimmy moved back to California and joined the Multi-sounds and worked the Playboy Circuit for one year, before deciding to become a single.

 Influenced by the late great Nat King Cole, Spencer developed a smooth relaxed style and a polished act.   Jimmy works clubs, theatres and showrooms in the Los Angeles area and various places in the United States and Canada.  Lou Rawls, friend and fan of Jimmy’s, always came by to lend his support and compliments.  He always sat in for a song or two with Jimmy and the Trio.

Jimmy was featured with Senator Eugene J. Wright Ensemble at the National Film Society Awards Dinner at the Beverly Hilton.  He also appeared as guest entertainer along with Actor Peter Mark Richman and Actor/Director Georg Stanford Brown at the Annual Installation and Awards dinner for the Women of the Motion Pictures Industry at the Century Plaza.   In 1979, Jimmy performed at the Memorial Tribute for John Wayne sponsored by WOMPI, also at the Century Plaza.  Jimmy performed at the 100th Birthday Tribute to Bob Hope in May, 2003, along with Mickey Rooney and comedian, Tom Driesen.

Jimmy’s appearances on stage, TV and movies include:

LA Jazz Caravans

Jazz Festival in Santa Barbara

Playhouse Theatre Tribute to Golden Age of Radio

TV Video with Jewel “Break Me”

TV Movie “Holiday Heart”

Pete L’Angelle’s City of Music TV show

The Daryl Goins Show on Adelphi Cable

Jimmy Spencer has had the opportunity to work with many of the top jazz greats.  One of the things that he has found rewarding and educational and most successful is having the chance to play with great musicians.  Currently, he is working with, “The Karen Hernandez Trio”.



NOTABLE  QUOTES....                                    

 M. Valentine,Town Crier……”Spencer, with his deep velvet tones, is truly a balladeer extraordinaire.  He is warm and vibrant in his delivery.  He captures his audience with his warm romantic-style and deep masculine gentleness and ignites each song with imagination…..he delivers lush ballads, jazz, latin and down-to-earth lament of the blues..”

Bob’s Beat, LA Jazz Scene…..”Jimmy sings with a lot of conviction and soul and sure knows how to tell a story…”

Pat Taylor, Tolucan Times….”Jimmy’s smooth and sensually deep voice reminiscent of Nat King Cole, passionately proved he’s still got what it takes…”

Katherine Tolford, Burbank Leader……”Spencer courts his audience with a smooth and gentle phrasing and warm delivery...”

Karen Hernandez (pianist)…..”Jimmy commands the audience and holds their attention..”

Zeitgeist Reviews……”Jimmy, influenced by the late great Nat King Cole, has developed a smooth relaxed style and a polished act. And he is good.  On his latest CD, “warm…then…now…always”, a terrific set of standards, he even manages to invest a song as over performed as ‘If’ with a quiet dignity.  He veers between straight balladeering and jazz arrangements, and is equally adept at both.  Sometimes it takes experience to truly live a song, and this CD serves up ample evidence.  A delight.”

Don Fraser, President, Boxing Hall Of  Fame…  “Jimmy has always been known as ‘The Voice Of The Valley” – his style and charm delight fans of all ages.

JA Preston, Actor/Entertainer…  “Jimmy is a storyteller.  He has mastered the craft to make contact with his audience.  A good ballad singer makes love to their audience and he is a good ballad singer….”



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